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Tool Set for Japanese Woodworking

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It is necessary that every student brings the following tools to the course :

  • #1000 Grain whetstone
  • #8000 Grain whetstone
  • Metal plate (kanaban)
  • Fine Diamond plate to flatten the whetstone
  • 24mm Japanese Chisel (avoid anything under 60 euros)
  • Handplane(Kanna) 48mm
  • Ryoba saw 240mm
  • Japanese Hammer 300g
  • Carpenter square, at least 30cm long.
  • Notebook and criterium metal pencil

There are a few online shops that sell those in Paris and elsewhere. Make sure you order in time to receive everything before you leave for the course. See a list of links curated by Takami here. If you have any doubts about a tool or need specific help to purchase something, don’t hesitate to email assistant Vincent Baumont.

You are welcome to bring the tools you already own, just bear in mind that  if the condition of the tools are bad you will have to spend much more time on adjusting and sharpening. Almost all the tools in the list are from Gaignard and Millon shop. It is both online and a real store you can go to at Metro Charonne. Here are the links for tools supply :


Other suppliers online :

Optional tools you can bring

We will provide some extra tools for some specific applications but please bring any of those if you already have them, and prefer new ones than second hand if you want to purchase. :

  • Clamp
  • Dai-Naoshi Kanna (Scraper Plane) or scraper
  • kiwa kanna (shoulder plane)
  • Tsuki Nomi (Slick chisel) 24 mm ~ (if you have)
  • Straight edge
  • Glass plate
  • Sandpaper # 240
  • Tool Care Oil
  • Sagariwauchi
  • Small try square